Unity and the Church

After some ministers in my life who had been fully engaged in the evangelistic ministry advised me to form a church, I accepted those who had accepted Christ and started a small church and went on to many areas and continued my evangelistic work. After a certain period of time, churches are being held in Tamil Nadu and other states under the name of “Indian Church of Comfort Christ” with the aim of setting up churches,

 appointing staff and streamlining their work! But I have nostalgia that I have not been able to fully accomplish the work of evangelism. My heart is full of the burden of the soul, even though some people may reassure me that what you are doing is evangelism. Eager to proclaim the good news! It is the job of the pastor of the church to protect and maintain the members of the church. But the chief task of the last servant of Jesus Christ is to gather the scattered souls and unite them into the members of Christ. I prefer to be called an evangelist or evangelical son rather than a pastor, a pastor, an archbishop.

Human counsel and Angelicity

One day while waiting for many hours in the congregation and praying with tears, the sound of God’s warning startled me. Yes! That’s God’s voice! Get up I heard someone swearing with authority that this place was cursed Fear and trembling caught me as well as confusion infected me. The reason is that no place is dirty! Where do I stand on my knees? Or the suspicion that this is the area where I live is the reason for that confusion. Yes! I think it was the 10th of 2002. I do not remember the exact date but I could not forget the place where I was praying for 7 days full of fasting after mixing coriander in water and drinking it alone. It was while praying at 5 am the next day that the Lord made it clear. You are doing something other than the ministry you are supposed to be doing and leaving the church ministry to preach the gospel but some people resisted it and the human voice won the will of God by questioning where to leave such a wonderful church ministry! My heart was further confused and this time I stumbled into not being able to make a decision.

Hard work and fasting

Evangelism Meetings in 2002 – 2003 Great evangelical festivals usually held 4 days meetings from Thursday to Sunday. Although it was a little difficult to run the church and visit homes and do evangelistic work in between, there was personal joy and happiness in it.

The New Year service was held on December 31, 2003, the day the construction of the temple began. But on January 9, 2004, I attended a full night prayer service at the Pulipanam Kirupasanam Church and returned home in the morning after delivering the message of God and praying for deliverance. I then refused to accept the call that was coming to me seeking to grow the church and stabilize the ministry. As a result, many of God’s servants became angry with me and cut off unity. In my heart I did not want to go out in the field ministry for the whole of 2004. I thought I could strengthen the church. But on the way to the temple on January 11th I had abdominal pain and was taken to the hospital without going to the temple and underwent surgery after several struggles. After about 4 months of intensive treatment, one day (April 9, 2004) I was completely healed.

Divine vision and Bliss

That night he took me by the hand and brought me to shore, teaching me that you have a lot of work to do in this world and that I have the wisdom and knowledge to do them. After that I recovered and went to many churches to witness and fulfill my ministry. But was not able to fully participate in the evangelistic ministry. God has broken through many barriers and is now using the power of the gospel mightily in places where it begins with the motto Jesus is the Comforter. We want to do the ministry coming to your area. Accept me as your fellow servant and use the gifts and graces God has given us to multiply and grow the churches. I want to work together to eliminate church differences and somehow preach the gospel and pray for the servant and use it if the Lord wills in your area.

Glory to the Most High, in the name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Dear Brothers and Sisters! Even though I have never heard of a servant in the ministry, my dear ones who are introduced by the blood of Jesus Christ through this passage today! My warmest congratulation to all of you. May the Lord have mercy and blessings on you too!

Do not worry Jesus is with you dear ones! In Psalm 16 verse 8 the devotee says the Lord is at my right hand. So we are not shaken yes! There are so many problems shaking in everyone’s life today. No matter how rich they are, no matter how great they are, they will be upset if the news comes.

A man who had held a great position in the police in a particular area sat majestically in his office. The body trembled when he heard the news from the other end of the phone ringing and his face soaked with sweat and within a short time he fainted and fell down. He was rushed to hospital. Yes! The news that his daughter had been injured in an accident left the district frozen in the grip of an officer who was in control of it. Knowledge, energy, valor, wisdom when the problem encounters a man. Everything loses action for a minute and makes you wonder what to do. Yes! Telling many suggestions to others and doing everything neatly is a bit of a stumbling block to deal with when you have a problem doesn’t worry.

One day David went to a team class in the Israelite army to meet his brothers. Threats are coming to its own people from the Philistine border. That is why they are afraid of the king who sits on the throne and even the enslaved Andes. This incident had a profound effect on the heart of the boy David. David was aroused by the devotional zeal of the Lord. He met the king and prepared to face the monster. Then David said – Therefore let no man’s heart be troubled: for I am thy servant and I will lie with this Philistine.

Dear ones! Where did the courage come from for the individual David in that environment where the army was trembling with fear at the sight of the Philistine Goliath? My dear ones who are reading this! When the war began, David and Goliath met face to face. Goliath was a large, overweight student who wore many titles and armor. Goliath looked at him and mocked and praised himself. But David was not afraid of Goliath’s words. David had only the confidence he had over God and the simple appearance and humility he had.

Beloved, at Psalm 20: 7 some refer to chariots and some to horses. In the eighth verse they broke and fell; David is a wonderful man who realized that the Lord is the only Reverend of all things and set himself up accordingly. So he looked at Goliath and raised his voice of warning. Thou comes with a sword and with a spear, and I come unto thee by the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom I have taunted. So he looked at Goliath and raised his voice of warning. Thou comes with a sword and with a spear, and I come unto thee by the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom I have taunted. The battle is the LORD’s, and he will deliver you into our hand.

Dear Brothers and Sisters! The Lord gave great victory according to the word of David. When the policeman Goliath died, the people praised David, who had caused the nation to praise the Lord and be victorious. But the heavy-handed king hated David; sometimes that is how our situation is. Yes! David was afraid of the king and hid in the woods and in the mountains. Saul’s action affected David so much that he had many opportunities to kill him but did not raise his soul to kill him. It is in that context that David says. I have the Lord before me and I will not be shaken because he is at my right hand! The Lord Jesus will be with you in all your things in your life; Read carefully what kind of things He is going to do for you, can know that the Lord Jesus is with you!

Jesus calming

Read the 24th to 26th chapters of the eighth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew. Jesus and his disciples got into a boat and crossed the sea to a certain place. Suddenly, the sea was getting rougher and rougher, and the boat was about to capsize. Jesus was sleeping in that boat. The disciples were afraid and cried out to Jesus. Jesus got up and struck the wind and the sea. Immediately calm down. Dear ones! Worried? Confused? Struggle? Does everything stunt the enemy or stumble upon what to do? The Lord Jesus Christ, who made heaven and earth, is in your lifeboat. He is with you no matter how many struggles come and go. You have not yet realized that he is with you. But he is the one who unknowingly removed many obstacles and is the only one who is going to remove these problems that surround you now. They rose up the disciples to Jesus who was in the boat. Jesus struck the wind and the sea. The storm cleared and the breeze cleared and the turmoil subsided. Call on Jesus today to have mercy on me. He is with you in your home and in the offices where you work. Do you believe in him? He is eager to help you. You may think I have never loved Jesus and never cursed him. Never thought or how I have spoken and blasphemed Christians and Jesus so harshly. Will that Jesus help me? You may be reading this with a question. Dear child of God! Doesn’t worry Jesus is kind enough to forgive me tell him that this very moment Jesus who is with me will look at me and remove my problem He will have mercy on you.

Jesus who fills the gap is the children of the loving God!

Once the Lord Jesus is with you the flaws will be fulfilled No rice for cooking No money in hand we have to eat 9 persons, there is no situation where you can decide what to do. If half a cup of rice was added to a bowl of rice, how can 9 people eat it with 100g or 150g? Everyone was tired. My prayer work was over. When I saw the teenagers staying with me and asked if I was making my meal today, everyone was quiet and some laughed. Realizing this, a mother went to the kitchen and put a large pot of 2kg rice cooker in the oven and put half a cup of rice in the right amount of water and while cooking, her mother lifted her daughter with the help of others. The young woman was sick with unclean spirits. While praying for them the devil waved and ran loudly and by that time she was sound asleep and woke up well. By then the porridge is ready. There was nothing in the joint broth fries just to be salted and the porridge that the particular family had gone to was sitting there not eating but the woman who woke up asked if she was hungry and gives me food. We were ashamed to give us food because we were reluctant to give them this porridge which was only likely to have water in the pot so we came to the conclusion that we could give them what we had and give them food What a surprise The food bowl was full of porridge and in the afternoon we all ate satisfactorily and had enough food that night. Beloved Jesus knew our situation Yes! Dear ones! A wedding ceremony was in full swing when I read verse 2 of the 2nd chapter of the Gospel of John. At that event in Canaan, Galilee, the wine was reduced. The show is still half over. It would be a great shame to invite guests to the banquet if they did not give wine to the guests. The show is still half over. It would be a great shame to invite guests to the banquet if they did not give wine to the guests. His glory was there Yes! The color, aroma, and taste of ordinary water grape juice. Everyone was surprised. Dear ones! Jesus’ presence in your life can make a big difference. A brother was in great distress. Once he went to pray for a servant of God and then asked the brother what the servant should pray for. To which the brother said I am very poor I asked the servant again if I should become rich I prayed do you believe I will become rich? To which the servant of God prayed and sent after saying yes I believe I will be rich. In a few days he got a job in the central government and he started a business in charge of his wife. Today he is very rich. The brother said, “The Lord exalts him by giving him whatever he needs. He has blessed me with worldly blessings. He has exalted others by giving them physical comfort and spiritual blessings.” Yes! Dear ones! Jesus will fill your gaps 1 Corinthians. According to verse 10 of chapter 13, when the perfect comes, the least will perish. Jesus is perfect and He is with you. Surely your shortcomings are fulfilled in Christ Jesus.

Jesus giving back what was lost

Finally, the Gospel of John, verse 11, chapter 21 tells us that a sister named Martha was devastated by the loss of my brother Lazarus and his sister Mary. Jesus met them Martha saw Jesus and said to him in tears, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died”. But Jesus came to the tomb where Lazarus was and told him to come through Lazarus. (John 11: 40-44)

My dear brothers and sisters! Jesus made hope blossom again in a family that lived without hope. Many Blessings Dead Business Loss What else can you do Dear Jesus who wipes away your tears Will wipe away your losses Make your losses profitable again Do not worry Jesus will be with you soon. Do you want this Jesus too?

Let us pray

I come in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, the Father of love. I accept Jesus as my personal Savior. I believe in your wonderful miracles Joseph I pray in the supreme name of Jesus Christ that you will be with me and bless me and bear witness to me Good Father! Amen.

Surely Jesus will bless you, do not worry.

Paper and Color Toy Deity on the Shelf!

Mother and Father orphaned in a nursing home!!


2.15 pm Dense forest Yes! The density of the fence nucleus saplings is not so easy to get there but something noisy when trying to pass all! Libin went near, thinking that the quiet place was the sound of chickens. The owls howled, the birds sang, the birds chirped, and the quill felt like it was talking sweetly. Yes! Deep in the old memories of the past was the time when I was slowly thinking of them. The voice calling out, “Sir is great,” distracted him. It was Viswanathan, Lipin’s friend, who rang the bell. Come Vishwa? Are you good? Yes I am good do you have any thoughts Do you have any old memories?

Yes Visu yesterday it was like I lifted him by the hand and brought him all to the chest and exchanged cheers with the big party! When the cock started to tell old incidents saying that Visva I stop dying enough Libin. Tears welled up in Libin’s eyes as it was an interest free loan! Libin’s parents were doubly happy that the baby was born after many years of childlessness, and that they were well educated. Libin married when he was 25 years old. The father was 70 years old and the mother was 65 years old. They were also married at a young age and had no children for many years. So Libin’s wife hated them. One day she was reading the newspaper. She was happy to see the advertisement in it. She called her husband to see the advertisement. He also saw it and took it away. The evening came. She started herself and I decided in the morning about what you decided and the ad I did not understand anything about it. Deep in thought for a moment she went near and said something and at first stumbled and then he relaxed and both of them decided wholeheartedly. Their parents were amused when they both came around and worshiped their parents by giving them good baths, giving them good food and dressing them up. In that joy another joy awaited. They have not loaded the elderly people in the car since they bought the car. She never called them Mama Mami. She called them Mama Mami word for word. She loaded them and left at 5:30. Yes! It was a nursing home where they got out of the car and drove away. Tears came from the eyes of the parents who understood everything while going there! But Libin reassured his parents and left them in a nursing home.

Mother and Father are the foremost deity then!

Mom and Dad are now in a nursing home


Libin had no children and there was no point in doing medicine for the sake of the child so they were so exhausted they longed for a child. It was only when Libin was a forest officer that one day he went to the dense jungle on the orders of Libin’s high official. Libin’s sighting of birds, birds, quills, and owls in a quiet environment reveals that a mother was lying next to a child when she tried to wake her, but she was already dead.

When he did what was to be done to the child’s mother’s body and picked up the child and went to hand it over to the government the next day, his wife wanted to raise the child and adopted the child with the appropriate document. When the child grew up in college, Libin lost his job because he was on the list of criminals involved in distributing ammunition to extremists! Few years later, libin’s adopted son got married. In the third month of his marriage, Libin’s son told us we could not see you and went to the nursing home.

Friend Viswanathan said that this is the interest free loan you are enjoying!

Yes there is a saying that pre-loan then loan is interest free loan

Dear Libin, I did not value my parents, they did not understand their minds. She raised her seven-month-old baby as her own, now considered an orphan. The present is thrown away. What’s the use of old memories coming up so often? Then the parents squealed and now they sound. What is the use of the reaper who sows the verb? Aren’t they there to enjoy tasting them?

Dear children, love and nurture your parents as you grow older. It is a blessing to have them in your homes rather than in their nursing home. As they get older their activity will cause you mental distress and sometimes they will have disgust and disgust over them and help them to endure them with difficulty.

Honor your father and your mother to prolong your days.

Honor thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God gives thee.

May the Lord bless and exalt you.

Know who you are

Before you know

Who others are